Practice Exams

Complement your online training with practice exams that help you prepare for and pass vendor certification exams.

Put your learning

to the test.

Pre- and Post-Test Quizzes

Remember when you weren’t prepared to take a test in school? That sinking, demoralized feeling of failure is universal—and one we’ve universally tried to avoid. That’s why nearly every KnowledgeNet course has pre- and post-tests built into each training module. Pre-test quizzes gauge your knowledge prior to learning, and post-tests gauge the knowledge you’ve acquired afterward. These IT test questions help you assess whether you’re “getting it” or not. And if you’re not, you can go back into the training modules and do more work before moving on.

We don’t just help you build skills. We help you build confidence.

Practice IT Test & Exams

Several of our IT certification training courses include practice IT test exams that provide feedback on overall achievement. They are valuable tools for determining if you’ve achieved sufficient levels of mastery with the new skills and knowledge to pass vendor certification exams. It also confirms your readiness and intention to transfer the learning into the workplace.

Practice IT test exams are used to measure what you know (knowledge) and how well you can apply what you know (performance). Many of KnowledgeNet’s assessments are based on objectives specified by certifying bodies within specific content areas, such as CompTIA, Cisco, Microsoft and project management. In all cases, assessments help you determine what you already know, and where you need to concentrate future learning efforts.

Mobile Test Prep

Practice IT test exams:

1. Let you see how test questions are structured and the type of wording that you will see on the exam. It puts you in a certain frame of mind to understand the test questions.

2. Are great supplemental study tools that allow you to gauge your knowledge in particular subject areas so you can decide which sections you may need to focus on while studying.

3. Allow you to research the answers to questions you’ve missed.

Fact: KnowledgeNet students boast a 94% pass rate when taking certification exams.

Live, Dynamic Benchmarking

KnowledgeNet’s live, dynamic benchmarking ensures you don’t get same practice exams each time you access them. Instead, you’ll get a different set of questions so that you can’t memorize the answers. This is important because when you go to take the actual certification exam, it dynamically pulls a selection from a bank of several hundred questions. Test takers never know what the questions will be on a specific exam. Practice exams allow you to take and retake exams, and answer questions correctly based on solid training content.

We gear our practice exams to be more challenging than the actual certification exams. This is intended to give you the confidence you need to pass the certification exam in one try. It also provides a significant savings because each time you take an exam, you have to pay for it.

Live, Dynamic Benchmarking

KnowledgeNet’s live, dynamic benchmarking also measures skill level quickly and changes with technology shifts. You’ll never be tested on outdated information.

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