About The Company

About us:

Derm Beauty International Malaysia which was formerly know as Ivory Zone Sdn Bhd has been established since 2010 and has supplied medical gels to hospitals and clinics in 2011. In the year 2013, when the early stage of Derma Pen-Collagen Pen have been proven the results of removing scars, penetration of serum and new trend changes in U.S.A after, Medwin Lim; the founder & CEO of Derm Beauty International Malaysia was approach the Mesotherapy Serum expert,and brought it into South East Asia. The DERMEDICS® officially launch in Malaysia.

In 2016, Bio-Derms Approach Derm Beauty International and being part with Bio-Derms Beauty Device.

About Derm Beauty International Malaysia Founder:

Medwin Lim, the Founder & CEO of Derm Beauty International Malaysia has mainly an International Business background. She is passionate, ambitious, self-motivated and success-oriented. She has worked closely with FMCG, Logisctic and the beauty industry for quite some time.

Background / Licenses / Experiance / Awards

International Business (Bachelor in Science)
Nutrition (Diploma)

She has been passionate into trading and international businesses. For few years she was into the FMCG trading industry. And switch to beauty company in Malaysia (2010-2017). She was an active participant of the International Business Department.

Her strong sense in business management helped he gain fast promotions:
first on Project Manager in Fashion Friends,  and later on Marketing Advisory for beauty Departments. She came back to Malaysia after gaining her experience, in middle of the year 2010, she was working in the beauty industry as a Marketing Executive, in 6 months she was promoted into Business Development Manager.Within a years,she has promoting into SEA Marketing & Business Development director.

She became a Director of a new company in 2012, and her dream start from Europe into Asia.


The mission of Derm Beauty International Malaysia is to reveal the natural beauty of the skin by offering the most exclusive & innovative solutions, that have the ability to overcome common skin problems of people of all ages of Caucasian, Asian and  other Ethnic background.



The aim of Derm Beauty Intenational Malaysia is to supply modern tools and solutions for skincare therapies basing on five fundamental ideas:
- Innovations: As the main element in development of the offer of skincare products created with the most luxury ingredients to provide effective beauty therapies targeted on real results.
- Safety: Associated with the health of patients during procedures with electronic devices. All products conforms the regulations of the European Union and they provide effective but also fully safe global beauty therapies.
- Satisfaction: Identified with the highest quality of all products continually striving to the excellence in skincare which are dedicated to our patients in South East Asia.
- Teamwork: Treated as long-term partnership with medical doctors, cosmetologists, beauty salons, clinics and also as one of the main elements of global distribution network.
- Ethics: considered as an integral part of all spheres of the activity of the business; it is linked to the efficacy of all products in the context of declared properties (that are targeted on real results) and also as an element loyal cooperation with customers and business partners.