Research And Development:

DERM BEAUTY INTERNATIONAL MALAYSIA arranges its development R&D departments in following sectors:

Sector No 1: is focused on R&D of the offer of cosmetics
and medical goods in various medical classes,brands

Sector No 2: is concentrated on technical development
targeted on electronics and its software.

The Research and Development Department of cosmetic and medical sector of Derm Beauty International Malaysia is created by pharmacists, nutritionist and bio-technologists and it is supported by cosmetologists from all over the world to provide the best adaptation of global product to local demands of any market. All cosmetics been chosen are created by using the most advanced technologies and they contain the most innovative active ingredients to provide the best efficacy in cosmetic therapies for face and body that are targeted on REAL RESULTS declared on the labels of products.

The Research and Development Department of electronics sector of Derm Beauty International Malaysia is managed by the team of creative engineers fully experienced in technical design as well as in the electronics and software fields. Technologies of electronic beauty devices are targeted on skin condition improvement which can be noticed after just one treatment. All parameters of treatments are fully controlled by intelligent microprocessor to provide the highest safety for both, the patient and operator.